eLucid™ Solutions

eLucid™ offers a range of FinTech solutions designed to empower homebuyers while streamlining operations and reducing costs for Realtors and Lenders.

Digital Mortgage Platform

The eLucid Digital Mortgage Platform is an open, modular system that integrates with CRM, LOS, credit service, and pricing service.


01. Generates pre-approved applications complete with credit, rates, and documents without the need for loan officers.

02. Distribution via app or website enhances scalability by lowering human resource requirements and reducing the need for physical locations.

03. Modular approach and use of APIs to integrate Partner’s existing service providers (LOS, CRM, Credit, Pricing) speeds implementation and lowers costs.

04. Coordination of CRM and LOS enables broader messaging throughout the mortgage life cycle including pre-sale, in-process, and retention.

05. Storage of sensitive data at LOS reduces Partner’s security exposure.

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Digital Mortgage App

The eLucid app enables customers to take control of their mortgage experience. It makes it easy to shop, apply, and manage a loan from end-to-end.


01. Offers a fast, simple, self-service mortgage experience for borrowers.

02. Provides unique shopping features that attract potential borrowers and convert them to applicants.

03. Innovative credit, rate, and loan status features enhance transparency, build trust, and improve customer loyalty.

04. Instant pre-approval of qualified borrowers increases conversion.

05. Ability to monitor existing loans and refi countdown clock extend usefulness to the full term of a loan and improve customer retention.

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Loan Status App

The eLucid RealTime app enables Realtors to monitor their customers' loan status in the Lender's Loan Origination System.


01. Integrates with your CRM to make adding Real Estate Agencies and individual Realtors fast and simple.

02. Borrowers can be assigned to Agents via CRM or directly from consumer interface in the eLucid™ app.

03. Reduces the need for your personnel to interact with Agencies by providing Agents with transparency into their customers’ loan status anytime from their mobile device.

04. Speeds processing by enabling Agents to contact and prompt their customers from within the app when action is required.

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Product Preference Engine

The eLucid Product Preference Engine enables users to build a personalized profile that results in an instant recommendation of qualifying products.


01. Enhances transparency by educating borrowers about their mortgage options.

02. Delivers personalized mortgage product recommendations without the need for a loan officer.

03. Saves time by providing basic product pre-qualification.

04. Includes borrower’s product preference with application.

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AI Lead Generation

The eLucid LoanBot AI Lead generation system enables Lenders and Realtors to engage customers anytime at the POS.


01. Provides homebuyers with pricing, payment, pre-qualification, and more at POS anytime day or night.

02. Enables Realtors to list homes and generate Leads without the need for a live agent.

03. Provides Lenders with a low-cost method for generating pre-qualified Leads.

04. Offers a simple, secure, web-based admin and integrates with popular CRM platforms.

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