eLucid™ RealTime App

The eLucid™ RealTime app enables your Real Estate Partners to monitor the status of their customers in your loan process. The app integrates with your CRM and LOS to provide real-time status updates via mobile devices.

Providing Real Estate Partners with access to their customers' loan status reduces the need for your personnel to interact with Realtors during processing. It can also speed the process processing by enabling Realtors to contact their customers from within the app to prompt them when action is required.

CRM & LOS Integration
The eLucid™ RealTime app is integrated with your CRM and LOS. The app uses the CRM for managing Partner agencies and agents, as well as their customers.

The eLucid™ RealTime app relies upon your LOS for access to the current loan status of specific customers. This enables the app to display accurate status of a loan in processing down to the milestone. It also enables the app to display action alerts as needed.

Agency Set-up
Setting up Real Estate Partners in the app is done in the CRM. The Real Estate Agency name is added to a special table then the names of its Agents is added and assigned to the new Agency group.

Customers are assigned to Agents within an Agency in two ways. In the case of customers who submit applications either via an eLucid™ enabled website or the eLucid™ app, the Agent name can be designated on the application form. Upon submission the customer is assigned to the designated Agent's customer list.

Customers who enter the process by other means such as a paper application or over the phone can be added to an Agent's list directly in the CRM.

Using the App
Real Estate Agents can access the eLucid™ RealTime app via their mobile device (smartphone or tablet.) Upon start-up they will be prompted to enter their user name and password.

Once the Agent is logged-in, he or she will be presented with a list of their Agency's agents. Their own name will be highlighted. Tapping their name opens a list of their customers currently being processed in your LOS. (Note: You may grant select personnel the ability to view customer lists of multiple agents. This can be useful for team leaders.)

Agents can tap the name of a customer to view the current status of their loan in your LOS. Customer contact information is also included. Tapping on the phone number or email address will initiate contact direct from the app.

Your Agency name, Agent names, and Agent credentials are stored in your CRM. A list of customer ID numbers is for each Agent is also stored in your CRM. No customer personal data is stored in your CRM. Customer data is stored in your LOS only.

The eLucid™ RealTime uses the combination of Agency, Agent, and Customer ID to access specific loan status data for view-only access within the app. All communications between the app, CRM, and LOS are via SSL. The eLucid™ RealTime app never stores customer data.

The eLucid™ RealTime app requires integration with your CRM and LOS. It is designed to work with most popular systems.

The eLucid™ team works with lenders to understand their current tool set and develop a custom implementation based on their unique needs.