Product Preference Engine

The eLucid™ Product Preference Engine provides customers with personalized mortgage product recommendations. Customers can create a basic profile in about a minute and receive recommendations in seconds.

The eLucid Product Preference Engine educates and enhances transparency for customers, while providing supplemental pre-qualification information and time savings for lenders.

Profile Builder
The eLucid™ Product Preference Engine provides users with a simple form for creating a basic profile that describes their mortgage interests and qualifying attributes. The form includes simple questions with multiple choice answers that can be completed in about a minute.

The form is configured out-of-the-box to gather sufficient information to match customers with a wide variety of products. It can be customized to provide even greater detail upon request.

Recommendation Configuration
Upon submission of a user profile, the eLucid™ Product Preference Engine matches the user's selections with products to return one or more recommendations.

Your list of products and related qualifying factors must be configured in the eLucid™ Product Preference Engine to enable matching.

The resulting recommendations are displayed as an inline list at the end of the form. Each line item includes the product name and a link to relevant product information.

Product Configuration
Both app and web implementations of the eLucid™ Product Preference Engine are designed to display product information via web pages. This allows product descriptions and qualifications to be easily maintained and reduces the size of the app by eliminating the need to store content on the device.

A web page must be created for each product to be accessed from the Product Preference Engine. The page must include an input to allow the user to designate the product as the preferred choice. This selection is passed along with the user's application to the LOS.

The eLucid™ Product Preference Engine is an option that can be activated in the eLucid™ app. It can also be integrated for access by customers via your website.

The eLucid™ RealTime app requires integration with your website to display product details. The eLucid™ team works with lenders to assist them with website integration.