LoanBot AI Lead Generation

LoanBot is an automated Lead generation tool for Lenders and Realtors. It engages customers anytime at the property point of sale with an AI chatbot that offers pricing, personalized payment, and pre-qualification application. Data captured during AI chat sessions is delivered as Leads to Lenders and Realtors.

LoanBot's innovative process that uses QR codes to initiate AI chat via SMS is patent pending. The LoanBot platform includes a web-based admin that provides secure dashboards for Lenders and Realtors to manage Leads.

Realtors may list properties in the LoanBot system for free via a simple web-based Realtor admin. A QR code is generated for each property to be used on signage or brochures. Homebuyers who scan the code at point of sale initiate an AI chat. Each AI chat generates a Lead.

Realtors receive Leads based on the properties they list. Leads may be viewed and managed from a dashboard in the secure Realtor admin. Lead data can integrated with popular CRMs. Realtors may also opt to connect with homebuyers using the app in realtime via phone or SMS.

LoanBot automates first contact with home buyers at the point of sale. It uses a QR code to enable Homebuyers to initiate a chat with an AI bot. The bot is programmed to respond, educate, qualify, and convert homebuyers into qualified Leads for Lenders and Realtors.

LoanBot provides Home buyers with:

  • Property details
  • Pricing information
  • Monthly payment based on the user’s personal data and current interest rates
  • Simple application for pre-approval
  • Tap to speak to a live Realtor
  • Tap to speak to a live Lender

Lenders receive Leads drawn from a pool of ALL realtor listings in their designated service area. Lenders specify Lead preferences including service area, homebuyer qualifications, and Lead purchasing budget. Leads may be viewed and managed in the secure, web-based Realtor admin dashboard or via integration with popular CRMs. Lenders may also opt to connect with homebuyers using the app in realtime via phone or SMS.

Lenders can create private Lead networks by signing up their Real Estate Partners to list their properties in LoanBot. Leads generated from a Lenders’s private network are provided at a discounted rate.