eLucid Introduces LoanBot AI Lead Generation

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eLucid Introduces eLucid LoanBot

Las Vegas, NV – May 30, 2019 – eLucid Technologies announced the release of eLucid LoanBot, an AI-based Lead generation platform for Realtors and Lenders.

eLucid LoanBot engages customers in a conversation anytime at the property point of sale with an AI chatbot that offers property information, pricing, monthly payment, and pre-qualification. Data captured during AI chat sessions is delivered as Leads to Lenders and Realtors.

LoanBot’s innovative process employing QR codes to initiate AI chat via SMS is patent pending. The LoanBot platform includes a web-based admin that provides secure dashboards for Lenders and Realtors to manage Leads. It also integrates with popular CRM platforms.

eLucid Technologies is a leader in the development of digital mortgage technology for B2C and B2B applications. eLucid Technologies is a division of eLucid, LLC.

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