We are leaders in the development of digital mortgage technology for B2C and B2B applications.

Who is elucid

01. We are dedicated to delivering innovative technologies that make the mortgage process simpler and more transparent.

02. Our goal is to empower borrowers while streamlining processes and reducing costs for lenders.

03. We are pioneers in the development of a wide range of technologies including web, mobile, cloud, AI, AR, and blockchain for the mortgage industry.

04. We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Our team is comprised of a unique blend of finance, marketing, and technology professionals who have successfully disrupted other industries.

Meet the Team

01. Scott Sheldon, Las Vegas, NV: Co-Founder of eLucid; COO Allegiant

02. Thomas Brown: Las Vegas, NV: Co-Founder of eLucid; SVP Blockbuster, Inc., President; SVP Key2Travel; VP Mark Travel; VP; Founder WebFactoreE; Founder and CEO Proscenium Interactive

03. Jeffrey Berthiaume: Dallas, TX: CTO of eLucid; Senior Developer GoPro; Co-Founder Splice; VP MEDL Mobile; Director DGWB; Director New Media Blockbuster, Inc.


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We are seeking exceptional people with entrepreneurial spirit to help us reshape the mortgage industry.

What We're Looking For

01. iOS and Android Developer

02. Information Architect

03. User Interface Designer

04. Database Analyst